The Incredible Story About the mRNA Vaccines

Everyday, Americans are lining up to get the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. They will be a game changer in this good war against the COVID-19 pandemic. The story about mRNA vaccine development–that includes everything from Dolly Parton and mouse cells glowing green to leading-edge science and technology–reads like a sci-fi novel that also has an element from an old country western song about only taking 15 years to become an overnight success. Someday, Hollywood will make a movie about this story, but for now, this superb article by David Heath and Gus Garcia-Roberts is a must read.

I dedicate this post to my wife, Tonya, who spent last summer out in the Texas heat as a volunteer at a COVID test site, and then served as a volunteer in the Moderna Phase III trial.

The inside story of the fastest vaccine ever developed