Understanding COVID-19 Numbers

There is no question in my mind the pandemic will be with us for at least another year. Therefore, we all must learn to function in this new reality. It will mean dealing with risks that are acceptable to us and our families. 

To do that, we must first understand the risks. That is not always easy for most of us who read the sensational headlines and watch hyperventilating TV talking heads and TV anchors (aka political pundits poorly disguised as journalists—on both ends of the political spectrum).

When making decisions on risks for your family, keep these two important data points in mind:

  • 74% of all COVID-19 death in the US have been in people over 65 years of age
  • Only 19 children under age 15 have died from COVID-19

These figure are from CDC (2-1-20 to 7-25-20)